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for a 9-year-old oakland girl. he insisted he was innocent but during the tests the-- >> the analysts examined by the case, they did not look in a very big area of the fiscal evidence. >> william sent this letter to the northern california innocent project in 2006, the non profit team made initial inquiry and felt that he was a candidate for help but he did not have enough funding. >> that there was staff available to actually do a factual investigation of there william's case. >> the dna test in 2012 which cost about $50, 000 which proves he's independent. >> he's committed to rebuilding his lifer >> the team of faculties and students from the santa collar ra have helped to exonerate 14 people since 2001. the dna project is in danger of ending because of lack of funding due to budget cuts. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> ross spent almost seven years in prison before the innocent project got the conviction over turned. false from sefrp several people. >>> 28-year-old dennisunny vail was facing 3 counts of homicide. three people were killed of a mother and two sons. the suspect was not injur
>>> and the serious acquisitions put it would go acland council members oakland council member in the hot seat. . >>> good evening. it's thursday march 21st. this is bay area news at seven. >>> two oakland city council members are feeling the heat after an internal audit. jade hernandez complains the allegations two city leaders are now facing >> reporter: last spring a nine-month long audit began. a nine page document exposes interference and leslie read. >> it useds power in their bidding process, and renovations. >> oakland city charter is clear they can only set -- negotiationiated with contractors for the teen center. she and council member read, coerced staff members result nothing a $2 million -- resulting in a $2 million contract. >> may we ever justify that it's okay to break the law, that'll never happen. >> time will tell, but the information she's provided isn't accurate. >> employees were coerced. there was undue influence and the report documents that. >>> read told us he found it ironic only the african-american council members were cited but says he responded to
rehabilitated. >>> oakland police chief is launching a new strategy to combat crime. dividing the city into five districts. >> reporter: from fruitvalley to downtown and the oakland hills, the city's neighborhoods have different needs when it comes to combating crime. >> oakland has a diverse community. >> reporter: under a new plan that starts this weekend, oakland will be divided into five district police districts. >> each will have a captain. responsible for tailerring their strategies to their neighborhoods. >> it is neighborhood policing. we are slicing up the pie and giving commanders a smaller area with the direction that not only are you going to fight crime but you are going to strengthen the partnership that we have with the community. >> i am excited. i am excited about, about -- it is going to bring additional resources. >> reporter: the council man thinks the strategy will work because opd tried it tried it somewhere else. >> they decided to based on our resources to split the city into two areas. now we are going back to the way it was. >> reporter: 40 year oakland resident li
lee accused of stealing a historic jewelry box from the oakland museum of california is behind bars tonight and the art fact is back where it belongs. officials at the museum were joined today to announce the safe recovery of the 19th century box valued at more than $800,000. the box went missing last month. surveillance footage helped investigators identify and arrest 45-year-old franklin, a pa row lee with a lengthy criminal record. >> this morning the district attorney's office charged mr. franklin with one count of stolen property at this time the case is still extremely active. >> in november of last year, someone made off with three his tore irk pistols and gold nuggets that were on display at the museum. those items have not yet been recovered. police say franklin could be a suspect in that case, as well. >>> san francisco police have recovered an assault rifle that was stolen from an unmarked police cruiser over the weekend. an ar-15 military-style weapon similar toth one you see here was found during a search of a home in east oakland yesterday. oakland police detained and
. the entire route is not expected to be complete until the year 2028. >>> some neighbors in oakland say they've seen an explosion of graffiti poppinging up south of downtown. the brand new bart connecter to oakland international airport, which is still under construction, has been tagged you see here, so several freeway onramps, homes, businesss and delivery trucks. we talked to oakland city councilman today who says there are plenty antivandalism laws on the books but not enough enforcement and only two city crews designated for cleanup. >>> the city of concord says the high cost has it considering the move to imbed electronic devices on street lamps. vallejo began using it two years ago. the arrests of suspected copper thieves spike. >> we get a message that the wire is being removed, and it's literally moving, and we get notification. pd gets notification, and they go after it. >> concord says it has spent more than a million dollars repairing and replacing copper wiring since $2,007. kocher wiring is worth about a pound at salvage yards. >>> oakland police met the press today to go over
will stay here for the duration. >>> trending now on ktvu.com, oakland based too short was arrested in hollywood last night on dui and possession. >>> he was picked up just after 3 a.m. and detained on $10,000 bail. >> a bill hearing had yet to be scheduled. police said he was in custody but offered no other details. >> right now at ktvu.com, that's tour top crime section which you'll find at the very top. >>> during a concert in san francisco, a video has surfaced on the internet. >> once preachers are held at gun point and forced to mary the homosexuals, i'm pretty sure that was the signal for jesus to come on back. >> that's reportedly michelle shock. today, she issued an open letter apologizing, but she's also saying he was misunderstood. her comments say they were about how some feel, not her, about gay marriage. >> you can read that at ktvu.com under hot topics. >>> an oakland monday was convicted of first degree murder. 26-year-old george hug ins faces life in prison due to the circumstance of murder during a robbery. in july of 2010 at any time, the father of three was apply
to oakland where a family is mourning a woman shot to death. at about 10:30 this morning when she was shot multiple times. motive for the shooting is not known. her son was shot to death in almost the same spot five years ago. >>> napa has propertied a homicide investigation. fire crews received a fire call -- when firefighters arrived they say they found a man's body engolfed in flame. >> so far the man's identity is unknown. police say they have not received any missing person report. >>> to end a stand off with a man and a woman barricaded inside a motel room. this started at the 10:00 this morning at the morgan hill moneterey street. they traced to the room where 29-year-old martin florence and 29-year-old erica. they're taken in custody without incident just before 5:00. >>> police say today the action of an alert teenager led to arrest of the sex offender. police say a 15-year-old girl was out running when she noticed a man behind her. he followed her home where the family members confronted him. the family called the police. >>> police say just after 6 yesterday evening. the man you
in memory of oakland violence victims. >>> now, continuing coverage of two shooting. the memorial service has been moved to a comdate a larger crowd of morners, the plan is to hold the service next thursday, march 7th at noon. santa cruz officials say they made the move because of overwhelmed interest by law enforcement agencies and the community. the sheriff deputies stood at attention in honor of the returning police force. santa cruz officers have been grieving for their two deputies. >> it is tough the first time you jump into that patrol car or the first time you walk through investigations you go passed their cubiccals and the offices and i think that is tough. >> meantime, investigators continue to gather information on the gunmen. they are looking for johnson, known as lamb. she is not connected to the shoalings but may have in-- shootings but may have information. hundreds of people posted condolences on our facebook wall. if you would like to add our comments go to ktvu on facebook. >>> the chp says the man that led them on a chase is now in custody. it ended on highway 29. chp
has served 27 years. >>> oakland's flew police consultant is officially on the job. >> he arrived on sunday and has already spent time at crime scenes. his focus will be on stopping homicides, robberies, and burglary in oakland. he supports the police stop and frisk taskic. >>> responsibility of police, the leadership, the offices themselves, the training, is to always do it constitutionly, do it compassionetly, and you're dealing with human beings. >> he wants officers to scour web sites where criminals usually brag. >>> lawyers for a san francisco bicyclist, filed a motion to have the case dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor. today in court witnesses testified chris was speeding and ran a red light before hitting a man at castro and market streets last march. the victim, later died at the hospital. the lawyer says hi testimony is unreliable and pedestrian, including the victim, ignored a do not walk sign. a judge is expected to rule tomorrow morning. >>> authorities have charged a couple. 63-year-old leslie gardener aboard the boat, believed gardener owned the $2.8 million boa
their friends like, with an option to withhold titles you you wish not to withheld. >>> a missing oakland woman is presumed dead. the large scale seven for 31-year-old -- search for erica when he failed to return home are investigating a possible suicide. her cell phone signal last placed her in the area of the golden gate bridge. her husband died last year. >>> trending now, video of a mom who made a big mistake. >> it was reported by our sister station, kiro up in seattle. a two-year-old boy inhaling marijuana smoke from a bong being held by his mother. >> police have arrested that mom and she admitted it happened. >>> san jose police need help they say are expected of assaulting another woman and stealing her purse. we're showing you a picture of the woman from surveillance cameras. investigators say she knocked the victim down and that this man here took the woman's purse. both then took off on bikes. investigators are asking anyone who knows who they are to call the police department. >> a major roadway improvement project was meant to beautify san jose, but careless drivers have turned ne
to the hospital. the child was strapped into her car seat. >>> one oakland neighborhood is dealing with a growing problem, vandals destroying businesses and property. some business owners are calling on an unlikely source for help. >> 17th street between franklin and webster and oak lands bustles with diners and shoppers during the day. sometimes at night, different visitors come with a purpose. >> the glue was sprayed into the lock. >>reporter: over the weekend, someone sprayed the padlocks with glue. >> this is something someone actually would have had toll brought something with them, preplanning. >>reporter: there's been plenty of vandalism. >> they've done this every day [ indiscernible ]. >>reporter: police told me they received no reports the after this glue attack. >> it's a lot of security walking around in the daytime and they care and do what they can. we need someone at night. >>reporter: this woman is looking for help elsewhere. >> at this point, we need the black panthers, whoever can come out and help. >>reporter: the city council member says something have to change. >> we've tole
are dying down a little bit. there will still be breezy conditions out there tonight. 61 in oakland. these are right now temperatures. upper 50s, low 60s, tomorrow's highs, a few degrees warmer than today. tonight's overnight lows like this morning. when you wake up tomorrow morning it feels like this morning minus the wind. folks inland that is what they were talking about. a lot of wind. warmer day by a few degrees. so, tomorrow, your saturday, not the warmest day. sunday will be warmer by a couple of degrees. in the extended forecast we get into showers. tuesday it starts to bring the clouds in. wednesday, thursday, the models are still toying around with it. but eventually they will dial it in. wednesday through friday period something goes on. develops into something useful. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows or 70s. a lot of upper 60s and middle 60s. low 70s popping up around the area. along the coast it will be cool. breezy, no fog to speak of. breezy, spring-like, that is the key here. forecast high, morgan hills, 69, 68 in gilroy. so, if you are going out to the coast it is j
these highs like today's highs. tomorrow, a lot like today. 65 in oakland, 64 in hayward, 58 in pacificia. forecast highs in the valley, 67 in san jose, 70 in morgan hill and 70 in gill mer. the five-day forecast, the bay area weekend in view, lots of clouds and showers and sprinkles and as we get towards the week end, though, it firms up a little bit and i think showers are more likely on saturday night into sunday and that could allym late to a quarter of an inch. see you at 10:00. >> 10:00 it is. >>> a u.s. navy reservest is back home with his family after his latest tour of due the in afghanistan. loved ones greeted him with balloons, flags and big hugs this afternoon. the lieutenant grew up in oakland and lunched a successful career. after the september 11 terror attacks he said he joined the military to give back to his country and seen tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. thank you for trusting us. we'll see you the next time news breaks. coverage continues with the 10:00 news tonight we're getting late word of a search that's underway right now after multiple vehicles were rid
area news tab. >>> new developments tonight, the port of oakland is instituting new spending limits and restrictions on travel. cara liu is live where a meeting just wrapped up. >> reporter: there was a lot of talk about accountability this afternoon. it included this report on what the port is doing improve. >> reporter: port of oakland commissioners heard policy changes this afternoon, they are part of an effort to increation public trust in the wake of a spend -- increase public trust in the wake of a spending candle -- scandal. >> i am celebrating this although it is a work in progress. >> reporter: spentish limits. after three -- spending limits. after 13 years. 30% fewer employees hold cards. compared to last year. and mandatory ethics training. >> it is a milestone to respond after we learned of serious challenges we face and actions by senior leadership. >> reporter: $80 per deum, per person. they are pushing the change the culture of the organization. >> we didn't have a value code of conduct for the organization. we now have value principal. more than that we have required
in progress shows what the officers are up against as a combat crime in oakland [screaming] >> the police say this armed robbery happened a couple weeks ago near the lake. on the video you can hear the victim pleading for her life. two suspects have been arrested. they are members of a new gang that has committed some of the city's most violent crimes. that video was released today as the officials announced other arrests in an agency sweep around the east bay this morning. officers took at least 16 members of a known gang into custody. the chief called it the most violent group he has seen in 25 years of policing. he said members are locked if a deadly feud with another gang. >> the motive was really not your traditional motive. not for money or turf war, it was basically they hated the other gang. >> officers say they seized 55 firearms including four assault weapon. today's sweep was part of the ongoing operation cease-fire. aimed at turning crime and turning young people away from gangs. >> 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> in san francisco, city leaders celebrated the opening of a new polic
as april. south heyward, the oakland colpsiium. she's not happy to hear about the change. >> they're going to drive people to drive in spite of gas prices this won't effect parking lots just yet. >>> and now to berkeley where people are demanding answers about the death of a mentally ill person in custody. police of refusing information on moore, who was transgender. he died two weeks ago on austin way. moore stopped breathing after a struggle. the cause of death has not been released. berkeley police say, quote, we can't comment on specific information or even address inaccuracy which may be discussed in public discussion regarding this incident. >>> part of a human skull has been found. investigators from the alameda sheriff's department shifted through information. the cull appears to have been there more than one year. teenagers discovered it yesterday. >>> army private bradley manning today pleaded guilt to leaking classified military material in the so-called wiki leak scandal. the former intelligence analyst admitted to ten counts of battle field reports. now facing 20 years in pris
incarcerated. >>> an oakland man suing the police department after he says he was mistakenly identified as one of the most wanted criminal. >> just want them to clear my name off the most wanted list and, you know, the most wanted fugitive. and which i am not. >> 37-year-old chough van says he tried for months with the help of and tern to fix the mistake. he had to move three times. he also says he can't find work. the city would not comment on the lawsuit. saying attorneys need it time to determine the facts. >>> the judge in the deadly colorado movie theater shooting case entered not gill plea on behalf of the suspect today. members of the defense team said they're not ready it enter a plea. prosecutors say they'll announce whether they plan to seek the death funnel at hearing april 1 april 1st. >>> and google glass. in a blog postthe they somehow show upped a prototype with precipitation frames available later this year. they plan to offer other frame styles as well. they let you instantly record video, even translate foreign languages. >>> a san francisco policeman today received 20/10 to
are following developing news in oakland tonight. that is where the police say a 10-year-old girl was grazed by debris during a shooting t. happened on 82nd avenue on international boulevard. you can see seven bullet markers in the street there. another person was shot and is hospitalized and is expected to survive. there is a picture of the child from our crew at the seen. here is the photo. at this point, gathering more details for you. we expect to have more on the 10:00 news on ktvu. >>> a one-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet is doing well tonight. family members are grateful more people were not hurt. the richmond police spot shotter, spot shotter picked up 19 shots in just about six seconds of the gunman was firing at a man on a bicycle outside of the apartment complex on west mcdonald's yesterday afternoon. little elijah tells us a fragment hit her son in the neck inside of his grandparent's apartment. >> all i heard his grandpa saying gunshots and the first thing came to my mind was my son. >> at this point, the gunman is on the loose. $25,000 reward is offered for information lead
now 48. 51 in oakland as we get into the evening hours we will remain mostly clear. i do expect little bit of patchy fog to redevelop by tomorrow morning but for the most part those clear skies will aid in that cooling in the overnight hours. 300 miles now offshore is that weather maker. it's going to slide in as early as tomorrow morning. we'll notice it over northwest california and then it's going to make tracks towards us by the afternoon. here it is picking it up into the evening hours at this time and then tomorrow morning notice we start out with partly cloudy, mostly clear skies through the morning hours the rain stays toth north. it takes all day so i expect tuesday will be mainly dry. we're already spoo the evening hours now, and the rain eventually getting into the north bay sliding into the south baby 10:00, 11:00 while we sleep the rain tonights to fall. wednesday morning the morning drive scattered showers, scattered showers will remain wednesday and here we are now into thursday lingering showers through thursday, as well. anywhere from a quarter inch to three quarters o
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